Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Forgive and Forget

Is it just me or do you ever hold a grudge against someone for longer than is probably necessary? Someone apologizes, and you say that you forgive them, but deep down you still can't quite let it go?

I was a bit humbled this morning as I picked up the little boy I babysit from school. We got into an argument because he started running in the parking lot as a car was pulling out, so I quickly grabbed his arm (lightly) to hold him back. As a true man's man, this 4-year-old boy got angry with me, saying that "he could take care of himself" and "cars can't hurt him."

I know what you're thinking--*You got into an actual argument with a 4-year-old???* Well...yes I did. You try keeping your cool while a little kid uses their frustrating childish argument skills against you! I tried to reason with him, but to no avail. I ended up just getting upset and feeling mad at him. 

As ridiculous as it might sound, I remained mad for the next half of the car ride back to his house. But then, as most little kids do, he started talking to me as though nothing had ever happened. The thing that I had held on to as my reason for being mad was not even a thought in this little boy's mind anymore. He had completely forgotten about it and moved on.

So why can't I, why can't we, do the same thing? Why do we feel the need to hold on to things that make us mad? Is it for the pure fact of holding a grudge against someone? Is it a pride thing? Whatever the reason, I think we can all learn a lesson from this little boy. 

Holding a grudge is really not worth is in the end, and you truly only spite yourself in doing so. Forgive, forget, and move on. Once we learn to do that, we will all be better off.

Are you holding a grudge against someone that you can't quite seem to let go of? As difficult as it might be, try your very hardest to not only forgive that person, but also to put the memory out of your mind. In this case, it's okay to be forgetful.

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