Thursday, December 11, 2014

Sick Days: Tips for How to Deal

Is it just me or do you ever feel really crummy? You feel sick and want to just lay on the couch and binge-watch Netflix all day?

I don't feel very well today, and I would love nothing more than to curl up with some hot tea and Christmas movies. But sometimes, I can't always do that. Sometimes, we have responsibilities that we have to tend to, even when we aren't feeling our best. 

I am writing this post in hopes that it will help not only some of you, but also myself! Below are some tips I've come up with to help you get through your sick days. 

1. Take a nice, hot shower. Sometimes, simply taking a shower when I'm sick makes me feel so much better. Give yourself some extra time in the morning to take a long, hot shower and wash away the sick-y feelings!

2. Dress comfy. I know for me, I don't exactly want to dress in my Sunday best when I'm feeling under the weather. Throw on something that is comfy, cozy, and makes you feel good.

3. Drink lots of water. I know I sound like a doctor here, but seriously, drinking tons of water (especially when you are sick) is really good for you. It helps your body to stay hydrated, replaces the water that it is using up, and flushes out toxins. 

4. Give yourself some time to rest. Even if you have to go out and do a few things during your day, take some time in the morning or when you get home to just rest. It is so important for your body to recoup, so take some time to just chill out.

5. Put on a happy face. While it is important to acknowledge the fact that you are sick and need rest, I sometimes find that acting happy actually makes me feel a little bit better. If I mope around the entire day, I usually end up feeling worse. Instead, try smiling a little and acting a bit happy. It just might make you feel a little bit better!

Do you have any tips for how to make yourself feel better on a sick day? Let me know in the comments!

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