Monday, December 22, 2014

The Wonders of Being Prepared
Is it just me or do you tend to procrastinate on things? I am probably one of the worst people when it comes to waiting until the last minute, but I have been slowly (and I mean, like, painfully slowly) trying to break myself of this habit.

Granted, some procrastinators may feel that they need the pressure of doing things absolutely last minute in order to get them done and do them well. However, this is not the case for everyone. While I am usually able to work quickly under pressure, the stress that it causes me is just not worth it. As silly and obvious as it sounds, I am learning just how amazing it feels to not only be prepared, but to be prepared ahead of time.

I am the kind of person that will wait until the absolute last minute to do things. I don't know why I am like this, but I always have been. However, I have been trying to stop waiting, and I've realized that the peace that comes with getting things done early cannot be compared to anything else.

Does this mean that I will be doing everything early from now on? Absolutely not. I am sure that my procrastinating streak will show itself every now and again. But especially with the new year right around the corner, I am resolving to try and work towards a "me" that is less of a procrastinator, and more of a doer.

While this post is more for me to kind of jot down some random thoughts on procrastination, I thought I might as well share some of my tips for getting things done ahead of time while I'm at it:

  • Make lists, and break down daunting tasks into smaller, more manageable ones. I've talked about this before, but I find that it really does help!
  • Set smaller deadlines for yourself. Have an 8-page paper due in two weeks? Set small deadlines for yourself every few days to keep yourself on track. Plan out when you will gather resources, when you'll create an outline, give yourself a "due date" for 2 pages, 4 pages, etc.
  • Find/create a work space in which you are most productive. For me, I tend to not be able to get things done when I am home. Because after all, I can't work while my room is a mess...and while I'm at it I might as well just do all of the dishes, laundry, and dusting for the entire house too. Find somewhere that you know you are productive, and schedule some time each week (or each day, if necessary) to go there and get. stuff. done.
These are just a few of my tips on how to stop procrastination before it starts. They may seem silly and obvious to some, but I am hoping that some of you will benefit from one or more of these! 

Do you have any advice for how to beat procrastination? Please let me know!!

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