Thursday, November 13, 2014

10 Thoughts that Constantly Go Through a List-Lover's Mind

Is it just me or are you kind of obsessed with making "To Do" lists? I always have to have a list made, or else I feel completely lost! Call me crazy, but I've compiled a list of 10 thoughts that are constantly on my list-loving mind:

1. How can I break this task down into the most amount of steps possible? The more steps, the most opportunities to cross things off!

2. If I don't put it on my list, I don't have to do it, right? Sometimes I intentionally leave things off my list so that I don't have to do them...oops.

3. "Take shower" is not on my list. I'd better put it on there so I can cross it off when I'm done. This even goes as far as me writing something on my list even after I've already done it, just so that I can cross it off. 

4. I cannot sleep until I write my "to do" list for the week ahead. #SundayNightConfessions There's just something about knowing that my list is written before I go to bed that allows me to sleep better.

5. I'm so organized over here with my list that tells me everything I have to do. *clever smirk*

6. I'm so overwhelmed over here by my list that tells me everything I have to do. *cries*

7. Should I draw a single line through my completed tasks, or scribble them out? #thestruggle

8. I just crossed off an item, but I already have another one to add :( It never ends, does it?!

9. Look at all of these notebooks I am finishing with all of these lists! I use one notebook for my lists until I use it up, and then I feel so accomplished! Maybe I should make a list for how many notebooks I need to use up...

10. Why is my list so short? I know there are more things I can put on there... I'm crazy, I know.

This was meant to be a fun little post, and I can't be the only one who thinks these things! Do any of these thoughts ever go through your mind? Let me know that I'm not alone!!

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