Thursday, October 2, 2014

To Do, or Not To Do?

Is it just me or does everything seem impossible until it's done? As a "to-do" list enthusiast (and I mean a true enthusiast--I am all about those To-Do lists), I know what it feels like to face that giant mountain made of things that need to get done.  I also know what it feels like to be on the other side of that mountain marveling at how I got over it.

So how does that happen?  How does one go from being completely overwhelmed to completely carefree with just a few (ok, maybe a little more than a few) "crossing-off" scribbles of the pen?  Now, I am no expert, but over the years, I have developed a sort of "system," if you will, for how to deal with those massive lists of things to do.  

First: I used to write my "To-Do" lists daily--and there is nothing wrong with that--but semi-recently, I began writing weekly lists that I would start on Sunday nights and add to during the week as needed.  I found that I was actually less overwhelmed this way.  When I wrote daily lists, I would feel disappointed in myself if I didn't get to everything on the list that day. Weekly lists still allow me to see what I need to do, but take some of the pressure off to complete everything in one day.

Second: Do one thing at a time. This seems pretty self-explanatory, but so often, we try and get done as much as we can in a short time by trying to do multiple things at once. This usually results in getting less done and not doing things as well as we could.  Try focusing on one task at a time until it's completed, and see how that works out.

Lastly: Don't be afraid to put seemingly "silly" things on your lists. I will be the first to admit that sometimes I put things like "shower" or "pick outfit" on my list for the sheer fact that it feels good to cross it off once it's done! This helps me feel a bit accomplished and actually motivates me to keep crossing things off! 

Let me know if you try any of these ideas, and also if you have any tips of your own worth sharing!!             

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